About us

The Stockholm Free World Forum (SFWF) is a Swedish foreign and security policy-oriented think tank. Its aim is to stimulate a vibrant discussion from which ideas and perspectives will determine the future of Swedish foreign and security policy.

SFWF is a non-partisan organization with an ideological platform emphasizing free societies, free individuals and free markets. Our chairman is Gunnar Hökmark, MEP and former vice chairman of the EPP.
The work of SFWF is focused around three main themes: security, democracy and the international rules-based order and business and globalization.

1. Security
First and foremost, NATO is the strongest guarantee to ensure transatlantic security. Moreover, the alliance is also the guarantor of peace and stability in Sweden’s immediate vicinity: the Baltic Sea and Arctic regions. The SFWF strives to facilitate a well-informed discussion on issues integral to Sweden’s security, which include the crucial debate of Swedish NATO membership and increased defense spending.

2. Democracy and the International Rules-Based Order
Liberal democracy is currently being challenged, and basic human rights are increasingly violated by populist parties, authoritarian regimes and anti-democratic movements. SFWF works to promote liberal democracy and human rights with a particular focus on Sweden and the European Union.

3. Business and Globalization
Across the world, free trade is increasingly challenged. In times of increasing protectionism and isolationism, SFWF works towards enhancing support for entrepreneurship, free trade and globalization, all of which are crucial for prosperity and innovation around the world.

SFWF’s main sponsor is the Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation.