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Follow the Money and end up in real estate in strategic areas

January 6, 2020

In this brief, Follow the Money and end up in real estate in strategic areas, Patrik Oksanen, senior fellow at Stockholm Free World Forum, explores how laundered Russian money is channelled to various real estate projects across Finland and Sweden. He further elaborates on how these properties often are located in areas with strategic importance, […]


Strike First and Strike Hard? Russian Military Modernization and Strategy of Active Defence

December 2, 2019

In the brief Strike first and strike hard? Russian military modernization and strategy of active defence, Karsten Friis Senior Research Fellow and Maren Garberg Bredesen, Junior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI), discusses the evolution of the Russia military capabilities and concept of active defence. The strategy of active defence was […]


Challenges of modern deterrence and Swedish interests

November 25, 2019

In the brief Challenges of modern deterrence and Swedish interests, Leo Michel, Non-resident senior fellow at Atlantic Council, explains the basics of military deterrence and further elaborates on how the geopolitical shift and technological advancements have changed the concept of deterrence since the Cold war era and what its new intricate features are, especially concerning […]


Illicit Finance and National Security

November 18, 2019

In the brief Illicit Finance and National Security, Joshua Kirschenbaum visiting Fellow, Alliance for Securing Democracy, German Marshall Fund explores how authoritarian regimes and private actors have gained a greater understanding on how to use new methods of finance to further their goals. Furthermore, he points to several areas more exposed than others to these […]


Drivers of Russian Grand Strategy

April 23, 2019

Russian leaders may not have something that would satisfy the Western academic strategy community as a deliberate “grand strategy,” but they nonetheless possess a strategic outlook and a theory of victory for this competition. That theory is based less on direct competition and more on raiding, a stratagem that holds promise for revisionist ambitions and […]


The breakdown of nuclear arms control and its implications

April 18, 2019

American officials believe Russia began conducting flight tests of a missile, prohibited by the INF treaty as early as 2008. The U.S. informed NATO of Russia’s treaty breach in January 2014. At that time the particular missile type was not yet disclosed. This dispute between Russia and the U.S. was not solved and finally the […]


Winning the Internet, Losing the Elections

November 15, 2018

Leading up to the Swedish parliamentary elections on September 9th 2018, the newly established radical far-right party Alternative for Sweden (AfS) came into the limelight. With its harsh rhetoric, questionable international contacts and a huge social media presence, AfS made for a thankful topic to cover for journalists. Nonetheless, election results showed that AfS failed to […]


China’s global investments: Economic tools for political influence?

September 28, 2018

How does China’s state capitalist govern in Chinese foreign investment? What does increased Chinese investment mean politically and economically to the rest of the world? How should the western world, the EU and Sweden respond to China’s increasing economic and political influence within our own countries and globally? These are some of the key questions addressed in the new […]


A new transatlantic trade policy: How should Trumps tariffs be treated?

June 29, 2018

Donald Trump’s support for American protectionism and the introduction of new customs duties on European steel and aluminum has put the European Union in a difficult political situation. The US and the EU may be well on their way to an escalating trade war, which would cause both economic strain and have an adverse effect […]