How to get the World on the Right Track

Publicerad 9 April, 2024

Where is the world heading? With Russia’s war in Ukraine and other major powers advancing their positions, the democratic world faces numerous challenges, both externally and internally. Yet amid the looming crises, there is also a positive development underway, which we should acknowledge and capitalize on. So the question is, can we also discuss the future in terms of: How do we get the world on the right track?

At the beginning of the year, Stockholm Free World Forum initiated a series of discussions on this topic. We asked several prominent experts and writers to freely reflect from their unique perspectives.

The outcome was four texts exploring various themes.

Gunnar Hökmark, Chairman of Stockholm Free World Forum, discusses how the world’s democracies collectively need to prepare to meet these challenges and continue to lead the world. Åsa Malmström Rognes, Program Director of the Asia Program at UI, emphasizes the importance of economic security in times of turmoil and discusses the wave of protectionism and regulations spreading. Mathias Sundin, Founder of Warp Institute, counters technological pessimism and highlights several positive, diverse developments that have occurred and are ongoing. Björn Weigel, CEO and Co-founder of the cybersecurity company CR Group, argues that Europe needs to increase its competitiveness and discusses whether the war in Ukraine can serve as a wake-up call for the continent.

Do note that the report is in Swedish.