Privacy policy for the Swedish Free Enterpise Foundation


We follow the European Unions’ General Data Protection Regulation, which means that we respect your privacy and your right to control your personal information. Our principles are simple. We are open with the type of information we collect and why we collect it. We protect your data in the best possible way.

In this privacy policy we will describe the information we collect, how we collect it, the ways that you can have control over your information as well as how you can contact us. The policy applies in all contexts, when you visit our website, use one of our services, engage with our social media, or you come in contact with us in any other way such as e-mail or one of our apps. The policy also applies to information that we collect via telephone, post, or if you provide information to us in any other way.

This policy applies regardless of how you come into contact with us: as a member of the book club, participant at our event, or simply interested in our work. It also applies if you come into contact with us through your work or if you are employed by the Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation.

The Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation is held accountable for protecting your personal information in the way described below and we will see to it that your information is managed in line with the law.

The personal information we collect

We primarily receive information from you directly. Examples of personal information we collect are your name and contact information (such as your mobile number, e-mail address or physical address). Account numbers and personal numbers are other examples. By using your personal number, we may update your information (using sources such as the Swedish Tax Agency), if it is necessary for us to maintain our registry. We can also obtain your name or complement your personal information by using your telephone number.

If we receive your information from other sources we will inform you where it came from upon our first outreach to you.

The Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation registers personal information:

  1. When you register for one of our events

  2. When you register as a member of our book club

  3. When you order or purchase a book

  4. When you register for a service that is offered through our various channels

  5. When you enter your email address or mobile number on our website

  6. When you pay us via Swish, an invoice, a credit card, or other method

  7. When you sign up for our newsletter

  8. When you sign one of our petitions

  9. When you contact us via email, our website, or social media

  10. When you visit our website using a browser or app, pending that you have accepted our use of cookies. The information collected in the cookies can, in certain cases, constitute of your personal information.

  11. When you are employed with us as an intern or full-time staff

Our purpose – How we use personal information

We process and manage personal information in the following ways:

1. Customer service

  • To register you as a member or as a participant at an event

  • To fully complete orders of services or products via one of our channels

  • To enable good service, such as fulfilling requests, fixing errors, or sending information that you have requested, such as newsletters or information about our book club.

2. Marketing and circulating information

  • Information about membership, ordering our services, supporting our work, etc. is stored and analyzed while forming the foundation for general and direct offers and marketing campaigns.

  • To administer market surveys and analyze the results.

  • To administer our computer systems and obtain information about user behavior and patterns at an aggregate level, i.e., without identifying you as a specific person.

  • To develop, deliver and improve our products and services, the ways in which you are invited to support our organization, and when you receive information about our activities. This is done through analysis of your behavior on our website, on social media, and other channels including apps.

  • Personal information is also segmented and profiled in order to develop customized offers and products.

  • To send you information and marketing materials via text, e-mail, apps, push notices or other digital forms of contact, or mail or telephone, so you have an active relationship with our organization.

  • To contact you via text, e-mail, app, telephone, or mail about our offers, campaigns, events or services that we believe may be of interest to you. Note that you can always opt out or turn down our direct marketing.

  • To provide you with relevant recommendations, offers and customized services based on what others with similar behavior patterns are interested in, or the services you have chosen, viewed, or shown interest in.

  • To improve our user experience on our websites, apps, and platforms by customizing them to the device you are using while making them more useful.

  • To send important messages and communication about changes to our policies.

3. Administration

We define administration as the tasks we need to accomplish in order to run our business. This means that we use your personal information in the following cases:

  • When you send e-mail to our employees or interns or to one of our general addresses, your information is used to keep in touch with you. The same applies when we send mail via regular post to you.

  • When you call one of our employees or interns via phone, your information is used to keep in touch with you.

  • When you interact with our organization, your information can be used in the running of our business, for example to order products or comply with accounting requirements.

  • When you purchase something from us, your information is stored in our customer registry to complete your order and provide good customer service.

  • If you contact us through your work or in some other way become involved with our organization, your information can show up in records, notes, as a reference for an invoice, etc.

  • If you participate in one of our educational programs, we need your information in order to implement it, provide information for you, and to perform evaluations and analyses of the program.

  • If you apply for an open position or internship we use your information to determine if you are a suitable candidate and to contact you.

  • If you are employed by us, we use your information for personnel administration, payroll administration, IT and information security as well as to ensure your physical safety. We may also compile this information with the intention of analyzing and evaluating your professional development.

  • In administering our finances and follow up, personal information may appear in invoices, confirmations, expense or other reports, as well as communications with external partners.

  • In our annual reports, personal information can appear in internal reporting systems, general reports and financial reports.

Information that can be shared

We can share information with companies that handle your data on our behalf so that we can provide good customer service as well as run and develop our business. This can affect distribution, analysis, payment, implementation of our events or other services. Handling of your personal information will always involve the highest levels of security and privacy.


When you use our website and apps your information is collected via cookies. However, this is only done after you accept our usage of cookies. Only then do we store information about your usage. This can include technical information about your device, internet connection, operating system, web browser, IP address, cookies, and unique identifiers. When you visit our website, various types of technology can be used to recognize you with the intention of learning more about our users. This can occur through us directly or through usage of third party technology. If cookies are not approved you may not be able to use some of our website services. Click on the button below to change your cookie settings.

Cookie settings

Consent, storage and archiving of information

By leaving your personal information with us, you allow the Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation to register and store that information and why you left it with us (for example, to join the book club, order our materials, or participate in an event). We also manage this information in order for us to achieve our business goals.

We require your consent to manage all personal information. We fulfill this requirement through the following ways:

  • Signing an agreement – in some cases this is required in order to become a member or purchase something.

  • Judicial responsibility – for example, when we are responsible for providing information to the Swedish Tax Agency or to keep our financial records in order.

  • Legitimate interest – for situations when it is seen as proper to use your information to achieve our organization’s goal of promoting the development of ideas and opinions about the free market’s meaningful contributions to economic prosperity and welfare.

  • Consent – when you expressly say that we are allowed to manage your personal information.

The management of your personal information occurs in line with the law. We do not store your information for longer than is necessary with regards to fulfilling our purposes with the information. We will store your information as long as you have a relationship with us, for example if you are a member of our book club or participant in our event; depending on our purposes, we may store it longer. The information is archived when it is no longer necessary for analysis or direct marketing, or the purposes for which it was collected. Certain information can be kept longer when it is required by another law, such as the Book Publishing Law. We can also keep your information for upcoming contact regarding assignments, work opportunities or invitations to events. Handling of your personal information will always involve the highest levels of security and privacy.

Your rights and choices

You have rights when it comes to your personal information and you have the ability to amend the information we have on file. Through either our initiative or yours, we can correct information that is discovered to be incorrect. You can also request that your information be deleted or limited in its use by contacting us at any time (see “Contact Us” below). If you believe that your rights have not been respected, you may contact us or the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

At any time, you may choose to remove yourself from all direct marketing. If you would like to do so, please contact us.

You also have the right to oppose the management of your personal information on legitimate grounds, if you have reasons related to a specific situation. However, if we can provide legitimate reasons to continue using your information, your opposition may be overruled.

You can obtain information about the data we have on file by contacting us in writing or through digital channels and requesting more information.

Contact us

For more information about management of your personal information or if you have any questions, please contact our system administration Inger Christenson at