How to better protect democratic elections – 12-point programme to strengthen democracy at election times

Av Patrik Oksanen
Publicerad 29 May, 2024

Today, electoral interference poses an increasingly significant threat to democracies worldwide, with the year 2024 being particularly vulnerable. The intensity and sophistication of these interference tactics are escalating alongside technological advancements. Disinformation targets all segments of society but often target younger generations.

In the reportHow to better protect democratic elections“, authored by Patrik Oksanen, resident senior fellow SFWF, a thorough examination is conducted on the actors behind electoral interference and their toolboxes. Oksanen underscores the importance of preventive measures and highlights areas requiring scrutiny, such as reviewing criminal legislation, improving police practices, supporting victims, and promoting informed and responsible journalism. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on establishing swift attribution processes in case of attacks by foreign power and conducting regular assessments of electoral interference to safeguard democracy in Sweden as well as globally.

Do note that this report is written in Swedish.

Patrik Oksanen is resident senior fellow at Stockholm Free World Forum and responsible for CIDA. Patrik works as a freelance journalist and lecturer, and is also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Military Sciences and the Royal Swedish Naval Society.