United We Stand – A roadmap to create an urgently needed common Nordic – Baltic security culture for the era of multiple and complex crises and existential threats

Publicerad 8 January, 2024

The security policy situation is worsening rapidly for the Nordic and Baltic countries. Serious hybrid attacks are already ongoing. If coupled with Russia being allowed to win in Ukraine the situation could quickly become existential in our part of the world.

The Nordic-Baltic region needs to, without delays, prepare itself to face a dark time, not the least in order to provide the right support to Ukraine. The tasks that are ahead for the new Swedish presidency in the NB8-Cooperation forum are not small, which is pointed out in this brief authored by Gunnar Hökmark, chairperson of Stockholm Free World Forum, and Patrik Oksanen, resident senior fellow.

The ideological framework for the concepts, ideas, reforms and cooperation that need to be adopted in various areas include:

  • Supporting Ukraine
  • Strengthening and securing the economy against hybrid threats in the region
  • Military capabilities development (in a NB8-framework within in NATO)
  • Civil defense planning for strategic products and refocusing of production capabilities in times of crisis and war