How the EU Can Achieve 10 Years of Super Growth

Av Stefan Fölster
Publicerad 29 May, 2024
13 pages

In the report “How the EU Can Achieve 10 Years of Super Growth,” Stefan Fölster, senior fellow at Stockholm Free World Forum, proposes a series of concrete reforms that the EU should implement to ensure improved economic growth, thereby better equipping the union to face various threats.

Some of the changes Fölster highlights include:

  • Granting countries that invest more in defense a reduction in their EU contributions. The union should promote joint procurements and international alliances, creating an equivalent to AUKUS called EUKUS.
  • Transforming the EU from a rule-maker to a rule-breaker: applying the EU’s “net zero industry” initiative across all sectors. Establishing a single permitting authority that makes decisions within a year, and cleaning up recent legislation.
  • Paying solely for results: Retaining the “Cohesion Fund” but abolishing other regional policies. Investing in a climate policy that delivers results (such as the Emissions Trading System) and reassessing other counterproductive initiatives. Rewarding innovation based on outcomes rather than grants.

Do note that this report is in Swedish.

Stefan Fölster is a senior fellow at Stockholm Free World Forum, an associate professor of economics, and leads the think tank Better Future Economics. He has previously been an adjunct professor of economics at KTH, chief economist at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, and CEO of the Swedish Retail Institute.