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Swedish Military Solidarity Around the Baltic Sea: Three Scenarios (in Swedish)

October 19, 2011

In conjunction with a panel discussion (18/11/2011) on the security complex in the Baltic the Stockholm Free World Forum has released the report Swedish Military Solidarity Around the Baltic Sea: Three Scenarios by Karlis Neretnieks. In light of the Baltic security complex the report estimates whether the Swedish Armed Forces are prepared to play their part in […]


After the Arab Spring: From Kleptocracy to Capitalism?

September 19, 2011

In the West many of us might naturally associate a youth movement for ‘freedom and better opportunities’ with a liberalization of market regulations. However, ther desire for less abusive governments does not translate into a popular desire for less bloated governments in a post-‘Arab Spring’ setting – but rather the opposite. In fact, many Arabs see […]


Latvia Before the Election: Against the Odds and the Oligarchs

September 15, 2011

Latvia’s development since their complete independence from the Soviet Union has been unexpectedly successful. Latvia and the other Baltic States have joined the club of rich Western countries, NATO and the EU. So, if things have seemingly gone so well, what are the roots of the political disaffection that has led Latvia to hold its […]


Lessons From the Baltic Financial Crisis: 2007-2010 (in Swedish)

June 11, 2011

What lessons can we learn from the solution of the financial crisis in the three Baltic states when it comes to the rest of the European Union and the world as a whole? What happened during the Baltic financial crisis and how could it have been solved so quickly? The aim of this report is […]