The Clash of Civilizations and its Relevance Today (in Swedish)

Publicerad 7 October, 2014
ISBN: 978-91-87709-54-8
9 pages

The theory of a “clash of civilizations” launched by Samuel P. Hungtington in 1993 has been severely criticized. However, it has never been dismissed.

In the report  The Clash of Civilizations and its Relevance Today”,  Albin Aronsson shows that the number of conflicts between civilizations has increased since the Cold War, from 20 percent in 1991 to 43 percent in 2012. These numbers suggest that the Clash of Civilizations theory still has relevance.

– The Huntington thesis is controversial but it is possible to test empirically. The results are depressing, because conflicts between civilizations are hard to manage, report author Albin Aronsson said.

– Albin’s bachelor thesis, which is the basis for the report, is one of the more extensive tests of Huntington’s theory I’ve read. We are happy to issue a report of a young writer in a controversial subject, said Stefan Olsson, Ph.D, head of Stockholm Free World Forum.


albinAlbin Aronsson has a bachelor degree in political science from Uppsala University and is interested in the theorist’s role in international policy, security and strategy. Albin previously interned at the British Embassy in Stockholm.