Market-Driven Development in Africa (in Swedish)

Publicerad 11 March, 2013
ISBN: 91-7566-939-7
34 pages

Africa’s regional conflicts are decreasing in numbers. The continent’s political stability is increasing and more countries show signs of democratic development and impressive economic growth. The continent’s burgeoning middle class already amounts to about 300 million people. The development can, in selected areas, be described as a revolution.

But the Swedish image of Africa is still skewed. The media reports from Africa still depict images of famine, war and corruption. Is it time to replace the image of Africa from one of a starving child to one of a modern entrepreneur?

The report Market-Driven Development in Africa by Björn Weigel and Emil Uddhammar examines how trade and entrepreneurship is lifting a continent out of poverty. It also portrays the potential for continued prosperity in Africa through, amongst other things, property rights, free commerce and entrepreneurship.