The Belarusian Diaspora

Av Alesia Rudnik
Publicerad 8 November, 2021

The political crisis that started in Belarus in the summer of 2020 has united and politicized the Belarusian diaspora. The diaspora acts as a liaison between the Belarusian democratic forces, the European Union and Belarusian emigrants. In the brief The Belarusian Diaspora And Its Role in Solving the Political Crisis”, Alesia Rudnik describes the transformation of the Belarusian diaspora as well as its contribution to resolving the political crisis in Belarus.

This brief is part of the series ”How to Build a Democracy”, which aims to create understanding about reforms within the context of the Belarusian democratization process.

Alesia Rudnik is a PhD Fellow at Karlstad University, researcher at the Belarusian think tank Center for New Ideas and chairwoman of the organization Belarusians in Sweden.