A new generation: Ideas in honor of Mats Johansson (in Swedish)

Publicerad 25 September, 2018

Mats Johansson, Frivärlds founder and chairman, died unexpectedly in June 2017. To honor his life, Frivärld has released a collection of writing by students and alumni from the Foreign Policy Academy – Frivärld’s foreign and security policy program for young leaders.  The book entitled “A new generation – Ideas in honor of Mats Johansson” Consists of nine texts on topics that characterize Mats’ leadership and commitment. In addition to the preface of the editor of the writing Alexandra Ivanov, Erik Thyselius writes about the spread of populism; Max Eskilsson about the Road to NATO and Aaron Korewa on the Transatlantic Link. “A new generation – Ideas inherited from Mats Johansson” aims to remember Mats and his contributions, as well as develop the legacy he leaves behind.

To order the book (50 SEK), please email viktor@frivarld.se.

The profits are donated to Reporters Without Borders.

Read the media’s memoy chronicels to Mats here.


Mats Johansson (1951-2017) was the founder and chairman of Frivärld from 2011 to 2017. He was the head of the Foreign Academy since 2014, and a former member of the Swedish parliament and Foreign Affairs Committee from 2006-2014, political editor-in-chief of Svenska Dagbladet and CEO of the think tank Timbro. From 2011-2013 he was a media freedom rapporteur in the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe. His latest book Cold War 2.1 – Return of the Odd Empire is available here. Mats Johansson was a columnist in Svenska Dagbladet and editor of its leadership blog, the Swedish Security Council. On his website, there are nearly one-thousand articles, reports, and other appearances in a blog archive since 2005.