Time for a Strong Defense – NATO is Waiting for Sweden (in Swedish)

Publicerad 7 January, 2014
64 pages

2013 was an eventful year for Swedish defense policy. It started off with a debate on the “one week defense”, which argued that the Swedish military would only be able to safeguard their borders for one week in the case of a military intervention. This was then followed by a discussion of “the Russian Easter”, after it was revealed that the Swedish Air Force’s incident preparedness capabilities were far more hollow than what anyone had foreseen.

It is clear that the interest in a serious discussion of future Swedish membership in NATO has increased. Sweden’s legitimacy regarding issues of national security is being questioned, making our neighboring countries unsure about whether they can count on Sweden’s military capacity.

The anthology “Time for a Strong Defense – NATO is Waiting For Sweden” presents various perspectives on the current problems facing Swedish defense policy. The authors are Artijs Pabriks, former defense minister for Latvia, Dr. Pauli Järvenpää, former Finnish diplomat and Senior Research Fellow at the International Centre for Defence Studies in Tallinn and Karlis Neretnieks, major general (ret).

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