After the Arab Spring – From Kleptocracy to Capitalism?

In the West many of us might naturally associate a youth movement for ‘freedom and better opportunities’ with a liberalization of market regulations. However, the wish for less abusive governments does not translate into a popular desire for less bloated governments in a post-‘Arab Spring’ setting – but rather the opposite. In fact, many Arabs see no natural correlation between free-market policies and broader societal wealth, since they’ve witnessed quite the opposite in the past. In this report, Susanne Tarkowski explores the popular attitudes towards free-market policies in Egypt and Libya. The conclusion is that change towards a free market, in the long run necessary for stability and growth in the region, will be difficult.

Susanne Tarkowski is currently based in Tripoli, Libya. She is the owner of the research and communications agency Shabakat Corporation, a company she started shortly after the Arab spring got hold of the country.

Previously, Tarkowski had the firm Wise, Strategic Communications (WSC) in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the most, WSC had over 300 employees. During her time in Afghanistan Tarkowski was working with, among others, The U.S. Armed Forces, The U.S. State Department and the UN.

Since 2001, Susanne Tarkowski has worked with communications in Sweden, France, USA, China, UAE, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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