Baladevan Rangaraju visits Stockholm Free World Forum

Baladevan Rangaraju is the Founder Director of India Institute. He is the author (with Tooley, James & Dixon, Pauline) of ”The Private School Revolution in Bihar: Findings from a survey in Patna Urban, India’s first landscape study of school market in a city”. The studie’s pioneering use of GPS technology to measure private school popularity helped change the state government’s stance in favour of unlicensed schools and bagged the Templeton Freedom Award for the Institute in 2012.

To improve the understanding of how these school markets work and how Sweden can learn from it, the Stockholm Free World Forum has invited Baladevan Rangaraju as a guest speaker.


Lunch seminar (24/11)  with Gunilla Carlsson, former minister for International Development Cooperation and Baladevan Rangaraju.