Book Launch: Moscow Rules

On the 18th of February, SFWF arranged a launch seminar of the book Moscow Rules – What Drives Russia to Confront the West.

The roots of current Russian behaviour and demands can be traced not just to the Soviet era, but back into Tsarist foreign and domestic policy, and further to the structure and rules of Russian society. These factors give the US and the West pointers for how to behave – and how not to – in order to manage the challenge of Russia effectively.

Moscow Rules – What Drives Russia to Confront the West recognises the reality of confrontation and provides an essential introduction to grasping why Russia sees it as inevitable.

The launch was held as a discussion with the author, Keir Giles, a leading Russia-expert at Chatham House and CSRC with 25+ years of Russia-experience. The discussant of the seminar was Dr. Oscar Jonsson, acting director of Stockholm Free World Forum.

The seminar can be seen here.