Emanuel Örtengren new acting Director of Stockholm Free World Forum

Emanuel Örtengren will become the new acting Director of the Stockholm Free World Forum for the upcoming year. The shift takes place when current Director Katarina Tracz begins parental leave.

For the Stockholm Free World Forum it is both fun and inspiring to welcome Emanuel Örtengren to lead the operational activities for SFWF, says Gunnar Hökmark, Chairman at the Stockholm Free World Forum.

Emanuel Örtengren has previously worked with foreign and security policy at the Center for Transatlantic Relations in Washington D.C. At the Swedish think-tank Timbro, where he currently works with welfare issues, he ran an EU project ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2019. In 2018, Emanuel was awarded the Stockholm Free World Forum scholarship in memory of Mats Johansson, and he has also written a report for the SFWF on EU’s role in the era of trade wars.

These experiences are in line with the Stockholm Free World Forum’s development towards a think-tank where EU issues as well as foreign and security policy are in focus.

The European Union and its community are an obvious basis for Swedish security, foreign and trade policy. We will therefore develop the debate on how Sweden through the EU can influence Europe, safeguard our security and an international legal order, says Gunnar Hökmark.

The Stockholm Free World Forum is an important voice in the debate regarding what Sweden’s role in the world should be. During my time at SFWF, I look forward to continue broadening the agenda and explore issues related to business, such as trade, the EU’s future, cyber security and Sweden’s relationship with China, says Emanuel Örtengren.

Emanuel Örtengren will take up the position as acting Director in June.

For more information, please contact:

Emanuel Örtengren

Acting Director of the Stockholm Free World Forum

E-mail: emanuel@frivarld.se

Phone: (+46)73-581 94 54