Episode #6 of The year of the Dragon: China’s relationship with Russia

In this sixth episode of The Year of the Dragon, Anna Rennéus Guthrie, head of Stockholm Free World Forum, is joined by Lars Fredén to discuss China’s relationship with the world, with a particular focus on its ties to Russia. Lars, a specialist in China and Russia affairs, previously served as the ambassador of Sweden to China and as deputy head of mission at the embassy in Moscow. He is multilingual, fluent in languages including Russian and Chinese, and is the author of the book “En statstjänstemans betraktelser“.

Fredén describes the relationship between China and Russia as a marriage of convenience, where the relationship with the West is central. He says:

“They feel trampled upon, restrained, perhaps also not adequately appreciated within the existing order. That’s why they turn to each other.”

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Do note that this episode is in Swedish.