Freeworld Connect IV: The Russian Historical Revisionism

In the fourth episode of Freeworld Connect the focus lies on Russian historical revisionism and how it is being used as a power instrument for national strategy. The participants are Gudrun Persson, research leader at FOI, Edward Lucas (UK), senior vice president at Center for European Policy Analysis, Patrik Oksanen, Senior Fellow Stockholm Free World Forum, chairman Gunnar Hökmark and manager Katarina Tracz.

Watch the fourth episode here.

The episode was broadcasted due to the release of two new reports on the same topic. “Controlling the Past – History and National Security in Russia” by Gudrun Persson, research leader at FOI, analyzes the driving force behind the Russian leadership’s will to rewrite history. Download it here (ENG).

”Kremls historievapen – Segerdagen och andra världskriget” by Patrik Oksanen, Senior Fellow at Stockholm Freeworld Forum shows examples of how the Russian regime uses history and particularly Victory Day in order to create mobilization for Russian interests over the whole world. Download it here (SWE).