Freeworld Connect X: China’s Continued Crackdown on Hong Kong

The pandemic has moved the world’s focus away from Hong Kong. Yet, the political situation there is getting increasingly worse. Democracy, free speech and human rights are being suppressed by Beijing. And recently, several democracy activists have been imprisoned. 

In the latest episode of Freeworld Connect the focus lies on the continued Chinese crackdown on Hongkong. What are the implications for the people of Hong Kong, but also for the rest of the world? And what could and should the West do in order to manifest its support?


Emily de la BruyèreSenior Fellow at Foundation for the Defense of Democracy.

Emilia Currey, researcher at Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Jojje Olssonjournalist at

Roland FreudensteinPolicy director at Martens Centre.

Gunnar Hökmark, chairman SFWF.

Watch the episode here.