Lectures November 19th, 20th and 21st: What role does low-cost public schools play in developing countries?

In Lahore, Pakistan, half of the families living in extreme poverty buy schooling from private actors even though they have access to free, public schools. In India, the picture looks the same. and in large parts of Africa, the private education sector is booming. The main reason that poor families are actively engaging in their childrens’ schooling is said to be the low quality of education in the governmental schools.

On November 19th, 20th and 21st, Pauline Dixon will hold a lecture in Uppsala and Stockholm on how entrepreneurs are taking on the responsibility for the education of the poor when public efforts are not enough.

781953440Pauline Dixon is the research manager for the EG West Centre at Newcastle University and is, together with her colleuge James Tooley, world renowned for their work with the role of private schools in developing countries. Dixon has engaged in this research subject for more than ten years and done comprehensive field studies in India and several African countries. In 2013 her book International Aid And Private Schools For The Poor – Smiles, Miracles and Markets was published.