New Anthology: Bound Together

The Baltic Sea region is one of the world’s most integrated and interconnected. It is defined both by shared history and common challenges that will shape its future. From cyber security risks and information threats, the Baltic Sea region encapsulates many issues that will define the coming decade.

In the anthology Bound Together: Shared Challenges in the Baltic Sea Region (ed. Katarina Tracz), authors from across the region write about how these issues can be adressed, and what role the Baltic Sea nations can play. They illustrate that the countries in the region are often at the forefront of tackling problems that affect open societies. Thus, they show the way forward for other democracies in the world.

Chapter authors:

Dr. Karsten Friis, Senior Research Fellow and head of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs’ (NUPI) Research Group on Security and Defence.

Merle Maigre, Senior Expert on cyber security at e-Governance Academy.

Janis Sarts, Director of the NATO Strategic Communication Centre of Excellence in Riga.

Barbara Kunz, Senior Researcher at Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy in Hamburg.

Evelin Piirsalu and Heidi Tuhkanen, Senior Experts at Stockholm Environment Institute’s Environmental Management Programme in Tallinn.

Björn Weigel, entrepreneur and business strategist.

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The anthology is a collaboration between Stockholm Free World Forum and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Nordic Countries Project.