New book: “A new international order of trade?”

The political landscape of today is characterized by growing protectionism, political instability and an ongoing trade war between China and the US, which causes concerns about the status of the free trade.

In A new international order of trade? Essay’s on the opportunities and challenges of free trade, Johan Norberg discusses the principles of free trade and the growing resistance towards globalization, Johanna Nyman examines the progress of the EU’s single market, Fredrik Erixon reflects on EU’s approach to Trump’s policy on tariffs and Pär Nyrén outlines the underlying reasons to the increasingly conflictive trade relations between China and the US.

From the preface by Gunnar Hökmark: “Free trade defeated poverty, diseases and people’s closeness. It has contributed to a society characterized by freedom, democracy and openness. It is obvious that we need more of it and not less.”

This is the purpose with the anthology presented by Stockholm Free World Forum. It illustrates what has been achieved, how it has been achieved, what threats we face today and how a continuing progress of binding people together in increased wealth and sharing of knowledge can look like.

The anthology is in Swedish, and costs 50 SEK. If you are interested in ordering it, email your contact details and adress to

The Authors:

Johan Norberg is an author and a documentary film-maker. He is a Ph.M. in history of ideas and Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute in Washington, D.C., and European Center for International Political Economy in Brussels. His last book is Progress (Volante) which was named “Book of the Year” by e.g. The Economist and The Guardian.



Johanna Nyman is a lawyer with degrees from Uppsala University and College of Europe in Bruges. She has a special expertise in European Law and issues connected to trade in the EU single market. Johanna has previously worked as project assistant at Frivärld.



Fredrik Erixon is director at the Brussels-based think-tank European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) which he co-founded in 2006. Ha has previously been advisor to the British government, chief economist at Timbro and in 2010 he was counted as one of the 30 most influential people in Brussels.



Pär Nyrén is project manager at Stockholm Free World Forum with responsibility for matters of enterprise and globalization at Frivärld. He has a master’s degree in Global political economy at Stockholm University, a bachelor’s degree in political science at Uppsala University and he has learnt Chinese from studying at Beijing University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.