New Brief: A China Playbook For Europe

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) wants to shape the world in its image. For that purpose it uses instruments that risk to destroy liberal democracy. The nature of the West’s conflict with the CCP is systemic, not national or cultural. It is not China’s rise that is the problem, but China’s rise as an authoritarian world power.

The EU has evolved from naïveté to a degree of alertness about the fundamental challenge posed by the CCP. However, it is not enough. The EU needs to develop a coherent strategy to survive as a democratic union.

This strategy is discussed by Roland Freudenstein in Stockholm Free World Forums latest brief ”A China Playbook for Europe”.

Read the brief here.

In connection to the brief launch we arranged a digital panel discussion on the topic with the following participants:

Roland Freudenstein, Policy Director, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

Catarina Kärkkäinen, editor, Smedjan.

Karin Olsson, deputy editor-in-chief Expressen.

Gunnar Hökmark, chairman, SFWF

Emanuel Örtengren, acting director SFWF

Watch the panel discussion here.