New brief: Drivers of Russian Grand Strategy

In the new Stockholm Free World Forum brief Drivers of Russian Grand Strategy, Michael Kofman describes the strategic drivers of Russian behavior and the Russian vision for great power competition.

The Russian challenge, and consequently the inputs into Russian strategy, can be narrowly defined as a contest born of conflicting visions for the security architecture of Europe, Russia’s drive to restore a privileged sphere of influence in the former Soviet Union, and a fundamental difference in normative outlooks on the conduct of international relations, that is how states should behave in international politics and therefore what the character of the international order should be, Kofman says.

Read the brief here.

Michael Kofman is a Senior Research Scientist at CNA Corporation and a Fellow at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute. Previously he served as program manager at National Defense University. Michael Kofman is also a frequent contributor to War on the rocks.