Panel discussion: 30 years after the January Events in Vilnius

In 2021 the Baltic states celebrate 30 years of independence from the Soviet Union. January 13th is the anniversary of the bloody repression of the riots in Vilnius and the barricades in Riga. Meanwhile in Sweden, people gathered for 79 Mondays in a row at Norrmalmstorg to support their overseas neighbors’ thirst for freedom, the so-called ”Måndagsrörelsen”.

In order to commemorate the January Events, and to discuss the developments of the Baltic countries since they gained their independence, Stockholm Free World hosted a digital panel discussion, in cooperation with the Baltic Cooperation Group in Sweden.

The discussion can be watched here.


Marko Mihkelson, Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Estonian Parliament, (Reform party).

Tunne Kelam, Estonian politician (Pro Patria) and former Member of the European Parliament. Founding member of the first non-Communist party on the territory of the Soviet Union – ERSP.

Juris Kaža, Latvian-American journalist, worked for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Rasa Jukneviciene, member of European Parliament (Lithuanian Christian Democrats)

Gunnar Hökmark, chairman SFWF

Katarina Tracz, director SFWF