Seminar and Mingle: Getting the World on the Right Track

Yesterday, Stockholm Free World Forum hosted a seminar followed by a mingle on the theme “Getting the World on the Right Track.” Throughout the conversation, the panelists shared their perspectives on the positive development that is still occurring unfolding despite the challenging global landscape. They also underscored the imperative changes required to sustain and further foster this progress. Additionally, there was a discussion on how to find an optimal interplay between innovation, trade, and security so that Sweden and the EU can leverage their strengths to promote a safer and freer world.

In the panel:

Mathias Sundin, founder of the Warp Institute and member of the government’s AI commission.
Åsa Malmström Rognes, program director for the Asia Program at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and research fellow at The European Institute of Japanese Studies.
Björn Weigel, author and entrepreneur, as well as CEO of the cybersecurity company C-Resiliens.
Tove Lifvendahl, political editor-in-chief of Svenska Dagbladet.
Gunnar Hökmark, chairman of Stockholm Free World Forum.

The discussion was moderated by Anna Rennéus Guthrie, Director of Stockholm Free World Forum.

Thanks to all the panelists and other participants for insightful discussions and a pleasant afternoon.