Seminar with Bill Browder in the Swedish Parliament

On November 21, Bill Browder visited Sweden and gave a lunch seminar at the Swedish Parliament. Browder shared the story of Sergej Magnitskij’s death, and his attempt to implement the global Magnitsky Act. Browder’s participation in the seminar resulted in a lot of media attention:

–          Bill Browder’s interview with TV4 can be seen here:

–          Tove Lifvendahl, political editor in chief of Svenska Dagbladet, wrote about why Sweden should adopt the Magnitsky act:

–          Expressen also wrote about why Sweden should be next in line for the Magnitsky act, their article heading is “Sweden should implement the law that Putin hates”:

–          Sweden’s public service radio, SR, also reported about your attempt to implement the law in Sweden:

–          Bill Browder’s lecture at the Ohlininstitute can be seen online here:

–          Patrik Oksanen wrote about Browder’s work both in English and Swedish:

–          Patriks podcast with Bill Browder:

–          SFWFs organization-coordinator Viktor has written about the law in Svenska Dagbladet two times. One about the seminar in the parliament and why Sweden should adopt the law (article heading: Don’t let Putin control our foreign policy), and just recently about the US decision to implement global sanctions:
First article:
Second article:

Bill Browder and Katarina Tracz in the Swedish parliament