Seminar: “New to Nato – what now?”

Stockholm Free World Forum held a lunch discussion today, March 20th, on the theme “New in NATO – what now?” where we delved into the new chapter of Swedish security policy that is now beginning.

The discussion began with the US Ambassador to Sweden, Erik D. Ramanathan, sharing his perspective on Sweden’s NATO membership and the intensifying transatlantic cooperation. Gunnar Hökmark, Chairman of Stockholm Free World Forum, and Patrik Oksanen, Resident Senior Fellow  Stockholm Free World Forum, provided their reflections on the initial phase of membership, Sweden’s potential role as a member, and the challenges facing NATO and the world altogether. Additionally, Oscar Jonsson, PhD in Russian warfare and researcher at the Swedish Defence University, along with Anders Åslund, Senior Fellow at Stockholm Free World Forum and adjunct professor at Georgetown University, contributed their respective insights on Russia’s reactions to Sweden’s NATO membership and provided an up-to-date situation report on the war in Ukraine.

The discussion was moderated by Anna Rennéus Guthrie, Director of Stockholm Free World Forum.

A big thank you to all participants!