Seminar: The Many Faces of Russia’s War in Ukraine

Stockholm Free World Forum hosted a seminar today, May 2nd, on the theme: The Many Faces of Russia’s War in Ukraine

During today’s seminar, keynote addresses were delivered by Simonas Kairys, Minister of Culture of Lithuania; Andrii Plakhotniuk, Ukraine’s Ambassador in Sweden; and Dmytro Raiskyi, Advocacy Manager, PR Army. They provided insights shedding light on the far-reaching consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine, particularly regarding the impact of Russian disinformation campaigns on the cultural identity of Ukraine and the deportations of Ukrainian children. 

Additional comments were provided by Linda Jerneck, Editorial Writer at Expressen; and Magnus Berntsson, Member of Parliament, Christian Democrats. Discussions at a later stage focused on actionable strategies for Sweden, the EU, NB8, and the democratic community at large to address these issues more effectively.

The seminar was moderated by Anna Rennéus Guthrie, Director of Stockholm Free World Forum.