Stockholm Free World Forum Launches New Podcast: The Year of the Dragon

Premiere for a new China podcast – “The Year of the Dragon”

Stockholm Free World Forum will dedicate a podcast to China and its influence on society, politics, and business starting February this year. The special podcast, airing twice a month, is named “The Year of the Dragon,” aligning with the Chinese calendar entering the dragon’s year in February 2024.

The initiative coincides with the recent decision by Swedish Radio to discontinue its podcast “Kinapodden”.

“The Year of the Dragon” is led by Anna Rennéus Guthrie, Head of Stockholm Free World Forum, and Patrik Oksanen, Resident Senior Fellow. The podcast, launching today, the 13th of February, will cover themes such as economic investments, Taiwan’s future, tech companies, censorship, and the relationship with Russia, among others. China experts specializing in foreign and security policy, along with other researchers and debaters, will participate in the conversations. The goal is to increase understanding of how the free world’s relationship with China is evolving.

Episodes will vary between English and Swedish, contingent upon the guests and topics at hand.

The first episode of “The Year of the Dragon” focuses on Chinese companies and investments in Sweden and Europe. Participants include Oscar Almén, researcher and senior analyst at FOI, and Hanna Carlsson, analyst at NKK. The host is Anna Rennéus Guthrie.

Listen to the first episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify.