The Foreign Policy Academy 2024: Third session

On June 1, the Foreign Policy Academy, Stockholm Free World Forum’s year-long specialized training program, had its third session with the theme EU in election time – war, relations and trade.

The session took place in the Swedish parliament and the first lecture was given by Fredrik Malm, Member of Parliament for the Liberals and organizer of the Monday Movement, who lectured on international politics. Åsa Malmström Rognes, program manager for the Asia program at the Foreign Policy Institute and research fellow at The European Institute of Japanese Studies, lectured on the EU as a trading partner in a troubled time.

During the afternoon, Anders Selnes, editor-in-chief and responsible publisher for the news site Europaportalen, lectured on statistics and analysis linked to the EU election, and Gunnar Hökmark, chairman at Stockholm Free World Forum, on freedom and democracy in international politics. Anders Åslund, senior fellow at Stockholm Free World Forum and expert in political economy in Eastern Europe, talked about Western relations and support for Ukraine.