The Foreign Policy Academy’s Fourth Meeting: Technology, Geopolitics, and Strategy

On Friday, September 8th, The Foreign Policy Academy, Stockholm Free World Forum’s advanced training program for future leaders in foreign and security policy, held its fourth meeting with the theme “Technology, Geopolitics, and Strategy.”

The day began with two lectures at the premises on Kungsgatan. The first lecture was delivered by Björn Fägersten, CEO of the analysis company Politea and senior researcher at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, who spoke on technology and geopolitics. Hanna Linderståhl, founder and CEO of Earhart Business Protection Agency, followed with a lecture on new technology and emerging threats.

After the lectures, the day continued at Saab, where students participated in a scenario game on decision-making in Sweden during challenging security crises and wars. The game was facilitated by Fredrik Hassel, Senior Advisor at Saab. The visit concluded with a tour of Saab’s showroom.

The day concluded with a visit to the American embassy, where Mark Evans, Deputy Chief of Mission, delivered a lecture on the U.S. National Security Strategy in a changing world. Following the lecture, the embassy hosted a networking session for The Foreign Policy Academy, Stockholm Free World Forum’s leadership, and embassy staff.

A big thank you to everyone who participated during the day!