BRIEFING: Northern Cyprus – Under Embargo and In Isolation (in Swedish)

Publicerad 27 June, 2012
ISBN: 978-91-7566-903-8
7 pages

During the second half of 2012 Cyprus took over the European Union’s presidential gavel. But not all of Cyprus’ voices are being heard. The island is still divided between north and south, between a Turkish part and a Greek part. The Republic of Cyprus has become an integrated part of the EU, but the northern Turkish area seems to have become a forgotten part of Europe. Embargo, isolation and territorial disputes obstruct citizens’ economic opportunities and one can barely speak of a free and open market in Cyprus.

In her briefing Northern Cyprus – Under Embargo and In Isolation, Erika Aldenberg draws attention to the necessary conditions for northern Cyprus to create a working economy and discusses how the European Union can put a stop to northern Cyprus’ economic isolation.

– The EU has contributed to increases in openness and free movement for residents of its Member States. But the Turk-Cypriots are still living in a forgotten and isolated existence in spite of the Republic of Cyprus’ membership of the EU, Aldenberg said.

Erika Aldenberg is a political science as well as a freelance writer and photographer. She is especially interested in Turkey and the Turkish-speaking parts of the world.