China’s global investments: Economic tools for political influence?

Publicerad 28 September, 2018
ISBN: 78-91-7703-165-9
25 pages

How does China’s state capitalist govern in Chinese foreign investment? What does increased Chinese investment mean politically and economically to the rest of the world? How should the western world, the EU and Sweden respond to China’s increasing economic and political influence within our own countries and globally?

These are some of the key questions addressed in the new report, China’s global investment – Economic means for political influence? by Kristina Sandklef. The report was released on October 1st, 2018.

About the author:

Kristina Sandklef has previously worked with Ericsson, the Swedish Armed Forces and East Capital in various roles as a China expert. She currently manages her own consulting firm, Sandklef Asia Insights, focusing on in-depth analysis of China and its future economic, political and security policies. She has closely followed the development of China over the last 25 years and previously studied Chinese in Lund and Beijing.