Isolationism or Interventionism (in Swedish)

Publicerad 2 February, 2015
ISBN: 978-91-87709-65-4
6 pages

America’s foreign policy has undergone swift changes during President Obama’s years in power. Not only has there been a retreat in military involvement, there have also been decreases in the country’s defense budget. Meanwhile, the challenges from China and Russia have increased. The bipolar battle for power during the Cold War has now become multipolar during a new Cold War. An analysis of the historical roots of Obama’s choices and the problems that have followed from them are given in the report Isolationism or Interventionism: U.S. Foreign Policy Swings Under Obama. 

roland-poirier-martinssonRoland Poirier Martinsson, P.h.D is a philosopher and author as well as a columnist for Svenska Dagbladet. He has written works such as Arkimedes: Matematiker, vapenmakare, stjärnskådare (Norstedts), Sånt är livet: om vetenskapens sökande efter livets början (Norstedts), Russells kalkon: om hur Gud och vetenskapen formade den västerländska kulturen (Norstedts). In 2008 Martinsson founded Timbro’s Media Institute, and currently lives in Austin, Texas.