Why Sweden needs a Magnitsky Act

Invitation: Why Sweden needs a Magnitsky Act

The Magnitsky Act is a legal instrument with the purpose to punish human rights abusers around the world. It is named after the Russian lawyer Sergej Magnitskij, who was imprisoned and murdered after he had revealed corruption and fraud among senior Russian government officials.

The Magnitsky Act consists of directed sanctions against individuals who, when targeted, lose their entry permit and financial assets in the country applying the law. The Magnitsky Act has been adopted by the U.S., Canada, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Many hope that Sweden will be the next country to take a stand against crimes against human rights and adopt the Magnitsky Act. Therefore, we wish to welcome you to a seminar in the Swedish parliament and discuss the way towards a Swedish Magnitsky Act.

Confirmed participants:

  • William Browder
    Initiator for the campaign for a Global Magnitsky Act
  • Gabrielius Landsbergis
    MP from Lithuania and author of the Lithuanian Magnitsky Act
  • Evgenia Chirikova
    Russian environmental activist who has had to flee Russia due to murders of several of her compatriots


WHEN: March 21th. 11:30 – 13:00. Doors are open from 11:15, please be on time.
WHERE: The first chamber of the Swedish Riksdag (East entrance, Norrbron 1)
REGISTRATIONpatrik.engberg@riksdagen.se (Please, bring valid ID)


Caroline Szyber (Christian Democrats) & Sofia Arkelsten (Moderate Party)