Monday At Noon (in Swedish)

Memories from the movement supporting Baltic freedom

Publicerad 15 August, 2011

From March 1990 until September 1991 a new grassroots movement spontaneously grew in Sweden, consisting of hundreds of thousands of sympathizers. “Monday at noon” was spread not only throughout Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm but over the entire country, creating broad citizen support for a single goal: Estonia’s, Latvia’s and Lithuania’s freedom.

This new edition of the book, which was originally published by Timbro in 1991, helps us remember the important work that the Monday Movement stood for. The text has been complemented with formerly classified diplomatic reports from the era preceding the fall of the Soviet Union. Together with entirely new texts, the book provides an increased understanding of why we must never forget what happened.

The book is dedicated to all who actively supported the Baltic people’s struggle for independence on both sides of the Baltic Sea.

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