Defend the Baltic Sea (in Swedish)

Sweden's Role in NATO Cooperation

Publicerad 23 January, 2013
61 pages

Sweden is no longer neutral or politically unaligned. In the event of military action in our surrounding area, we have promised to help our neighboring countries as well as accept their support through the practice of “solidaritetsförklaringen”, established in 2009.

This is a continuation of the closer coordination with NATO that has been occurring, since most of the countries around the Baltic Sea are members. In a new publication from the Stockholm Free World Forum these developments are analyzed in order to understand how the defense-related collaboration between the Nordic and Baltic countries can be strengthened.

In Defend the Baltic Sea: Sweden’s Role in NATO Cooperation Edward Lucas, foreign policy editor for the Economist, writes about how countries can take mutual responsibility for various military tasks, such as aviation monitoring over the Baltic Sea region. Mike Winnerstig shows how a “security community” would be able to grow forth. Kadri Liik and Riina Kaljurand write about the positive experiences of previous cooperation and how these can serve as an example for other countries that have just democratized.

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