Ten Years With Putin (in Swedish)

Publicerad 29 December, 2014

On November 16th, The Free World Forum released a Swedish translation of Boris Nemtsov’s and Vladimir Milov’s report Ten Years with Putin. In this report, two of Russia’s leading Putin critics paint a picture of a country who, during the past decade, has found itself in a state of decline. Corruption and crime has increased at the same time living conditions for many people have worsened, all while Putin tightens his grip of power.

There are many reasons to translate this report, originally published in Russia in June 2010, into Swedish. Above all, it is of value to a foreign policy interested but non-Russian speaking audience to participate in the debate prior to the Russian elections to the Duma in December 2011 as well as the presidential post in March 2012.

Boris Nemtsov is one of the founders of the Russian liberal party Solidarity. He was vice Prime Minister of Russia between 1997 and 1998.

Vladimir Milov is one of the leading figures in the Russian party Democratic Choice. Together with Boris Nemtsov he is one of the founders of the Party for The People’s Freedom.

Boris Nemtsov himself was guest and main speaker at the release event. See the recording of the book launch in English here.

Watch the Channel 4 news interview with Boris Nemtsov here (55 sec into the programme).