Ukraine Evokes Opinions (in Swedish)

Nytt säkerhetsläge i Norden

Publicerad 2 September, 2014
84 pages

The large wars and conflicts occurring in the world around us are increasingly affecting Sweden. A new security and political situation has arisen after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leading to consequences for the surrounding areas.

In light of these events Sweden’s security doctrine must be updated and its stance towards Russia tightened, especially within the framework of our relationship with NATO, which should also be strengthened.

Voices in the international debate are making themselves heard on this issue, such as in Finland. Translations of these and others are found in the anthology Ukraine Evokes Opinions: A New Security Situation in the Nordic Region, which brings together a number of regional perspectives on these changes.

Contributors: Jaako Iloniemi and Pauli Järvenpää are security policy specialists in our neighboring country and former ambassadors. Edward Lucas, editor for the Economist, is a specialist in energy issues. Stefan Olsson is the former director of the think tank Frivärld (Stockholm Free World Forum). Jacob Ljungman is a political science student who has reviewed the Russian propaganda offensive in Lithuania.

The book was edited by Mats Johansson, president and founder of the Stockholm Free World Forum.

It has become more difficult for neutrals to freeze the debate and argue for the status quo in security policy, even for the Swedish voices who have spoken about “understanding” Putin, Johansson said.

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