Emelie Roos becomes Stockholm Free World Forum’s newest fellow

Starting June 17, Emelie Roos, Fulbright scholar from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C., will be the newest fellow linked to the Stockholm Free World Forum’s (SFWF) fellowship program.

emelieEmelie has previously worked as a foreign policy administrator at the Moderate Party’s parliamentary offices in Stockholm and a Research Assistant at the OSCE in Vienna. She is a Huffington Fellow at the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Diplomacy and regularly contributes as a guest writer for the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Emelie has a bachelors and masters degree from the Swedish Defense University and her research interests include European security policy, democracy and freedom of expression issues and transatlantic security.

Emelie is also an editor for Svenska Dagbladet’s security policy blog Säkerhetsrådet together with SFWF chairman Mats Johansson.

It is a privilege to become a fellow at the Stockholm Free World Forum, who is always on the cutting edge of foreign policy issues. SFWF is a natural place to address questions that require a deeper discussion and I look forward to contributing to a broad and engaging debate on security policy, said Emelie Roos.

– Emelie is a multifaceted and knowledgeable debater who will contribute to SFWF with her competence within a wide range of issue areas. I am proud to be able to give talented people such as Emelie a platform in the Swedish foreign policy debate, said Katarina Tracz, SFWF director.


Katarina Tracz, director, Stockholm Free World Forum

+46 0708 922 188, katarina@frivarld.se

Emelie Roos

+46 070 328 34 53, roos.emelie@gmail.com