Episode #2 – The Year of The Dragon

New episode of The Year of the Dragon – #2 Hongkong – frihetskampen som tystades.

What was once a vibrant struggle for freedom and movement towards democracy in Hong Kong during the umbrella protests has now been silenced, and the city has been assimilated into the rest of China. What really happened to the democracy movement in Hong Kong?

In this second episode of the Security Council: Dragon’s Year, Patrik Oksanen, resident senior fellow at SFWF, and Anna Rennéus Guthrie, head of SFWF, are joined by a guest with a strong commitment to Hong Kong. Simona Mohamsson is a candidate for the Liberal party in the European Parliament, a human rights advocate who, in 2021, published the book “Hong Kong RIP,” and is a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC).

Do note that this episode is in Swedish.

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