Stockholm Free World Forum hosted a morning discussion and report launch today on transparency, security, and autonomy. Participants delved into democracies’ trade and interaction with the international community, as well as the challenges posed to the normative systems of the Western world by authoritarian countries.

The panel featured liberal thinkers Johan Norberg and Fredrik Erixon, who recently published the reports: ‘Öppenhet – För säkerhets skull and ‘Ett Europa som sluter sig: Handel, regleringar och industripolitik i en ny tid on the theme of transparency, security, and autonomy. Also participating were Åsa Rognes Malmström, Program Director for the Asia Program at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs and Research Fellow for The European Institute of Japanese Studies at the Stockholm School of Economics, and Iarla Flynn, Director of Government Relations and Public Policy at Google (Northern Europe).

The discussion began with an introduction by Gunnar Hökmark, Chairperson of Stockholm Free World Forum, and was moderated by Anna Rennéus Guthrie, Director of Stockholm Free World Forum.