Stockholm Free World Forum personnel participate in transatlantic security conference

On June 2 the Stockholm Free World Forum’s (SFWF) chairman Mats Johansson, director Katarina Tracz and program director for business and trade Erik Brattberg took part in the conference “The Need for a Comprehensive Transatlantic Security Strategy”, organized by the Swedish Atlantic Council, the Atlantic Council of the United States and the Association of Security and Defense Industries (SOFF).

Mats Johansson moderated a lecture by Claire Craanan, director of Strategic Analysis Capability at NATO HQ. Katarina Tracz along with Magnus Nordenman from the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C. discussed Nordic-Baltic security issues. Erik Brattberg led a discussion with representatives from the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and the American Chamber of Commerce regarding TTIP’s opportunities to strengthen the transatlantic relationship. He was also part of a panel along with General Craig McKinley, CEO of the National Defense Industrial Association and Robert Limmergård, general secretary for SOFF, on how industrial and technological trade can increase cooperation on both sides of the Atlantic.

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SFWF chairman Mats Johansson leads a discussion on transatlantic security challenges with Claire Craanan from NATO HQ.


SFWF director Katarina Tracz discusses Nordic-Baltic security along with Magnus Nordenman from the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C.


Erik Brattberg, program director for business and trade issues, was a moderator and participant in two panels on TTIP and trade as a way to strengthen the transatlantic partnership.