Swedish Women in IS: An Underestimated Threat? (in Swedish)

Publicerad 31 August, 2015
ISBN: 978-91-87709-89-0
12 pages

Since the Islamic State (IS) has establised its caliphate the need for different types of support in its society has increased. As a result, Western recruitment for the movement has escalated, even including female recruits. Even though reports show an increased presence of Western women in IS, knowledge about preventative measures in female recruitment is quite limited in Sweden. Female extremism in violent environments continues to shine because of its absence in the Swedish debate. This is the case, even though research shows that female IS supporters as well as male present a potential security threat. A continued ignorance of women’s role in IS risks leading to serious consequences

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The report was launched at a full seminar in Swedish at the Stockholm Free World Forum on August 31.