Emanuel Örtengren new acting Director of Stockholm Free World Forum

May 3, 2021
Emanuel Örtengren will become the new acting Director of the Stockholm Free World Forum for the upcoming year. The shift takes place when current Director Katarina Tracz begins parental leave. – For the Stockholm Free World Forum it is both ...

Panel Discussion: Russia and the West – Inwards Repression and Outwards Aggression

April 21, 2021
Russian foreign policy behavior towards the West is increasingly aggressive. The Russian war in eastern Ukraine and the escalated military build-up along the Ukrainian border, the unmasking of the GRU’s involvement in a 2014 fatal explosion in a Czech weapons ...

Panel Discussion: Security, Conflict and Peace – A Youth Perspective

March 31, 2021
Around 2065, the world’s youth population is projected to reach its peak, at just under 1.4 billion persons (13%). At the same time, the impact of young people in conflicts are increasingly more significant, not least thanks to the role ...

Freeworld Connect: Goodbye to Georgia’s Democracy?

February 26, 2021
On the 23th of February the headquarters of the Georgian opposition party were stormed by armed riot police. The goal was to imprison the opposition leader Nika Melia. This is part of a down spiraling political development that has been ...

Panel Discussion: The imprisonment of Navalny – what does it mean for the future of democracy in Russia?

January 20, 2021
Russia’s leading opposition figure made a dramatic return to Moscow on Sunday, after being almost killed in a nerve agent attack in August last year. Upon his arrival, Alexei Navalny was immediately arrested, which has sparked outrage among western leaders. ...

Panel discussion: 30 years after the January Events in Vilnius

January 12, 2021
In 2021 the Baltic states celebrate 30 years of independence from the Soviet Union. January 13th is the anniversary of the bloody repression of the riots in Vilnius and the barricades in Riga. Meanwhile in Sweden, people gathered for 79 ...