New anthology – Modern Warfare: New Technologies and Enduring Concepts

May 25, 2020
Last week we launched the anthology ”Modern Warfare: New Technologies and Enduring Concepts”. The various chapters of the anthology explain the contemporary ways of understanding modern warfare, but also serves as an analysis of the main drivers of change in ...

Freeworld Connect IV: The Russian Historical Revisionism

May 8, 2020
In the fourth episode of Freeworld Connect the focus lies on Russian historical revisionism and how it is being used as a power instrument for national strategy. The participants are Gudrun Persson, research leader at FOI, Edward Lucas (UK), senior vice president at Center for European Policy ...

Freeworld Connect III: Democracy in Hong Kong

May 7, 2020
In the third episode of Freeworld Connect the focus lies on Hong Kong democracy in the shadow of covid-19 and how Beijing uses the situation to undermine it. The participants are Wong Yik Mo (HK), opposition leader and human rights advocate, Janet Pang (HK), former legislative ...

Freeworld Connect II: The Oil Price Crash

May 7, 2020
In the second episode the focus lies on the crash in oil prices, its effect on Russia and other oil producing countries and on the geopolitical development at large.  Our participants are Syed Kamall (UK), research director Institute of Economic Affairs, Edward Lucas (UK), senior vice ...

Freeworld Connect I: Chinese desinformation and the Corona crisis

May 7, 2020
Stockholm Free World Forum launched Freeworld Connect on the 15th of April. The first broadcast highlights the topic of Chinese desinformation in the wake of the Corona crisis. The participants are experts Marcus Kolga (Canada), Lindsay Hughes (Australia), Patrik Oksanen (Sweden), chairman of Stockholm Free World ...

Stockholm Free World Forum launches Freeworld Connect

April 17, 2020
The world is going through unprecedented challenges to freedom, democracy and market economy. This development is taking place despite the fact that these principles and values have contributed to formidable global achievements during the past 30 years. The COVID-19 pandemic ...