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How to get the World on the Right Track

April 9, 2024

Where is the world heading? With Russia’s war in Ukraine and other major powers advancing their positions, the democratic world faces numerous challenges, both externally and internally. Yet amid the looming crises, there is also a positive development underway, which we should acknowledge and capitalize on. So the question is, can we also discuss the […]



March 21, 2024

In the report “New in NATO – Some Starting Points for Sweden,” Stockholm Free World Forum presents a brief summary of some starting points for further discussions and analyses regarding Sweden’s membership in NATO, its direction, and priorities. Sweden finally became a member on March 7, 2024, 75 years after the alliance’s founding. Before full […]


United We Stand – A roadmap to create an urgently needed common Nordic – Baltic security culture for the era of multiple and complex crises and existential threats

January 8, 2024

The security policy situation is worsening rapidly for the Nordic and Baltic countries. Serious hybrid attacks are already ongoing. If coupled with Russia being allowed to win in Ukraine the situation could quickly become existential in our part of the world. The Nordic-Baltic region needs to, without delays, prepare itself to face a dark time, […]


Sweden as NATO member and the total defense recommendations from SFWF

June 28, 2023

This is an executive summary of a more comprehensive report in Swedish on Sweden in Nato and how we recommend that the Swedish total defense capabilities should be developed as a Nato member to meet with challenges of today and tomorrow. Our military recommendations lays on the foundation of the Supreme Commander of Swedish Armed […]


From digital protectionism to digital alliances

April 19, 2023

★The EU risks edging toward digital protectionism by means that, according to most studies, could undermine economic growth and security in Europe.  ★Digital protectionism jeopardizes Europe’s advantage in mainstream industries that rely on edge computing without increasing competition in large-scale digital platforms.  ★The EU and America share a legitimate need to secure supply chains and […]


TikTok: The Children’s Entertainment that Became a Security Concern

March 28, 2023

In a remarkably short span, the Chinese social media powerhouse, TikTok, has amassed a staggering one billion users. Its rapid ascent has not only posed a formidable challenge to Western platform giants but has also become a litmus test for the security policies of democratic nations. Concerns are particularly heightened due to the noteworthy fact […]


Turkish Quagmire: Why Turkey Blocks Sweden’s Nato Accession

February 16, 2023

Turkey was bound to have issues with Sweden and its pro-Kurdish stance, and singled out Sweden because of its longstanding commitment to Kurdish aspirations. However, it is the continued US support for Kurds that is Turkey’s main concern, argues Halil Karaveli in this brief written for the Stockholm Free World Forum.


An introduction to doable reforms

January 20, 2022

Paraphrasing the first line of Anna Karenina, former Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves argues that while all successful countries have reformed alike, each unsuccessful country finds its own excuses. In a new report for Stockholm Free World Forum, Ilves offers dos and don’ts for Belarus’s democracy movement as they plan future reforms.


A Marshall Plan for Belarus

January 14, 2022

Across eastern Europe, citizens are demanding democracy. Frightened by this change in people’s moods, autocrats like Alyaksandr Lukashenka are taking increasingly violent measures to suppress protests and to threaten the European Union. Now, plans have to be made for the future relations between a Democratic Belarus and the EU, writes Andrius Kubilius in a new […]