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Delta Farm Press skriver att Texas Farm Bureau med 500 000 medlemmar i Texas, ansluter sig till Farmers for Free Trade:

”Texas Farm Bureau joins the American Farm Bureau Federation, National Pork Producers Council, American Soybean Association and multiple other agricultural, trade and commodity groups partnering with Farmers for Free Trade to strengthen support for trade in rural communities.

“International trade is a major driver of our Texas economy,” Texas Farm Bureau President Russell Boening said. “There is no doubt the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has increased demand for U.S. agricultural goods, lowered input and production costs and spurred our economy. We welcome any modernizations to NAFTA, as well as developing new trade agreements, that will further expand market opportunities for farmers and ranchers. Working together with Farmers for Free Trade will allow us to have a united voice on trade.”

Trade disruption, Boening noted, is risky for farmers and ranchers. Last year, U.S. agriculture exported more than $140 billion in products worldwide, highlighting the need for strong trade agreements.

“Texas Farm Bureau has been a leader in advocating on behalf of Texas agriculture at both the state and federal level,” Baucus said. “Trade with other nations is critical to stabilizing farming communities across the country, and nobody knows that better than Texas farmers and ranchers. Adding their voices to our mission builds momentum in our efforts to strengthen trade in rural America.”


Farmers for Free Trade is currently working at the grassroots level to organize and educate farmers about the importance of trade. The campaign works to engage farmers through work at state commodity conventions, state proclamations, social media outreach and by identifying local spokespeople, among other efforts.

Baucus and Lugar outline some of the key policy priorities that will help rebuild bipartisan support for trade, which can be found here.

This announcement follows additional announcements in recent weeks that Illinois Farm Bureau and American Soybean Association have also joined Farmers for Free Trade.”


Även sprittillverkarna i USA oroas för hur handelskriget kommer att påverka dom. Matt Dogali, ordförande för The Presidents’ Forum of the Distilled Spirits Industry som representerar hälften av USA:s spritillverkare skriver i The Hill:

”Domestic demand for bourbon has been growing for years. Recently, we have seen an increase in international demand, and not just in European nations. Emerging markets such as Brazil, China and India are developing a taste for American spirits, opening new opportunities for our members. We want to capitalize on this growing demand, but recent trade issues have created an uncertainty for us and our plans for future production.

Currently, distilled spirits producers rely upon zero-for-zero tariff access, a trade model that allows them to buy and sell spirits across borders without penalty, spurring international growth for American distillers. Such open-market access for these American companies has boosted domestic job growth, compounded local community investment, heightened American agricultural production, and given the American consumer more choice of quality products. Small business owners have grown their businesses, hired workers and increased production, all because of domestic and international sales.

We support American workers and we are proud of the rich distilling tradition American companies have maintained for centuries. But we fear that current efforts to protect American industry by artificially restricting global commerce will hurt American workers in the end. History has shown that there are no winners in a global trade war. “Made in America” should not mean the products must stay in America. If fair and free trade thrives, so, too, will our nation.

Those who know a little about a good whiskey know one of the most important ingredients is time. In fact, this drink ages in American oak barrels for several years, before the drinker has a chance to taste a uniquely American product — bourbon.

We are hopeful world leaders will quickly address current trade issues, so that American distillers can continue to satisfy people at home and around the globe with our fine spirits. And while discussion about the future of international trade policies evolves, our whiskey will be waiting.”




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