Inga kompromisser med hälsa eller miljö i TTIP

Mycket bra och klargörande tal av Cecilia Malmström från torsdagens (11 december) seminarium med Open Europe och Friedrich Naumann Stiftung. Hon underströr bland annat att TTIP-avtalet inte underminerar regleringar som skyddar hälsa- och miljö eller tar över nationell lagstiftning:

”When it comes to regulation it means three things. First, there can be no trade-off between our
economic goals and our people’s health and safety, the environment or financial stability. In
practice that means that where Europe and the United States have very different rules we will
not be able to come to agreement. That goes for our laws on genetically modified organisms
and hormones in beef. Those laws are democratic decisions. That is the end of the conversation.”

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